Xeelas IoT Strategy

Digi Scan 
4500 €  
3600 €

Your Digitalization Strategy

Together we analyse your business, identify the most profitable potential for digital transformation and deliver a roadmap on how to make it work. 

We provide consultancy in English, Dutch and German

for Your Digitalization Roadmap

S Series
239 €
199 €

G Series
245 €
199 €


These powerful IoT Gateways enable remote monitoring while interfacing with your machineries’ control-unit or additional sensors. Order any amount until the 1st of June 2020 to get the high quantity discount. 

2.4GHz – 2G – LTE/M – GPRS 

Custom Firmware
115 €/h
95 €/h

Webportal & SIM
8 € 6 €/Months
per node


Customized firmware perfectly fits your Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution. Integrate sensors, connect via APIs and Visualize the data in your webportal!

This is laying grounds to utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence in the future.

Our Clients Already Use It For

Retrofit Tank Monitoring

Tracking Mobile Assets

Remote Machine Monitoring